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Trucking, intermodal, container storage
Trucking, intermodal, container storage
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Amar is our name, trucking and container storage is our game!

Since 1998, our name has been synonymous with responsive, trustworthy, competitive trucking and container storage. We specialize in serving the Ontario/Quebec marketplace and have strategic locations in Montreal and Toronto.

Our core activity is providing trucking within the metro areas of Toronto and Montreal. We also connect points throughout Ontario and Quebec with overnight service between Toronto and Montreal being the key lane of activity. Dry vans, reefers and all container types are transported and stored with Amar. Our skilled team has the experience and resources to handle the varied needs of our customers and our service standards are set high by founder Amar Deol.

We are well known for our chassis fleet but offer so much more

It’s true – a good portion of our business is transporting your containers of all sizes and weights within the metro areas of Toronto and Montreal and between points throughout Ontario and Quebec. We have grown by referrals and over our two decades of service have expanded to serve the needs of our customers in other areas including:

  • Secure container storage in Toronto and Montreal totalling 16 acres
  • Reefer, heated and dry van container haulage and storage
  • Specialty containers including flat rack and open tops for specialty cargo
  • Modern WTP cranes/container lifters at each facility for loading and unloading
  • WTP twist pin locks equipment for secure pick up and movement of containers & oversized shipments
  • Truckload service in traditional 53’ dry van and reefer trailers throughout our Ontario/Quebec service area
  • Dedicated fleet, exclusive use and LTL service for our existing customers